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Главная » 2010 » Август » 22 » Идея нового героя в 6.69
Идея нового героя в 6.69
На официальном форуме я недавно наткнулся на описания возможных героев(к сожалению на английском,но смысл и дамаг скилов вы поймете,я уверен)
Итак,возможный герой.


Affiliation:Sentinel (то есть встретим мы его за светлую сторону силы)
Model: Priest (маг-лекарь из обычного Warcraft 3)
Theme: Psychosomatic Relationships (Mind and Body, Body and Soul), Health and Mana Synergy, Key Support
Main: Support, Nuker
Secondary: Chaser 
Effective Builds: Nuker, Support, Battle-Int, Chaser, Secondary Tanker

Attributes and Stat Growth:
Strength: 16 + 1.8
Agility: 12 + 1.2
Intelligence: 20 + 2.8 (Main Attribute)
Starting Stats:
Health: 454
Mana: 260
Damage: 42-46
Armor: 1.7
Attack range: 600

Movement Speed: 290

История героя
Эта иконка героя,отображаемая в панелях войск и в панели героев.

When the gods of the Old World descended from the heavens to imbue Verus with their coveted understanding of body and mind, they also burdened him with a lifelong task: keeping the feuding Life-Energies in stasis. His stoic determination to defend this equilibrium of energy is matched only by his tenfold hatred for enemies who would disrupt the balance. Known to friends and foes alike as a master manipulator, he can unravel the threads of the connection between the body and mind turning his enemies power into their weakness. His presence on the battlefield is a beacon of hope for the Sentinel and an omen of defeat for the Scourge. Story by Crazy Sheep bimjowen and Cerealmaniac
Расположение скилов у героя будет следующим:

Learns Astral Split, Psyche Discord, Spirit Reverberation and Condensation


Description: The White Sage projects himself out of his body to a location, gaining damage reduction and higher movement speed and leaving the body idle and uncontrollable while he is in spirit form. The body and spirit always have equal life and mana. Stunning or silencing the body or moving too far away from the body cancels Astral Split.
Duration: 13
Skill Type: Active, Location Target
Casting Range: 400
Cooldown: 60
Mana Cost: 50/75/100/125
Level 1 - 30 additional MS, 10% damage reduction
Level 2 - 60 additional MS, 20% damage reduction
Level 3 - 90 additional MS, 30% damage reduction
Level 4 - 120 additional MS, 40% damage reduction
• When used, caster gains 0 collision, additional movement speed, additional damage reduction.
• It then does a pseudo blink to targeted location in front of it.
• A similar unit (body) is summoned in the location prior pseudo leap; it will always have the same stats and state as the original but is uncontrollable (stays idle on the location). If mode is cancelled, the spirit is automatically transported back to the location of the body.
• Max range between Verus and body is 2400
• Stunning or Silencing the body cancels this effect.
This skill is replaced by ability Reenter while in Astral Split mode.


Description: Verus siphons the spirit back to the body.
Skill Type: Active, Single Target, Location Target
Mana Cost: 25

• Upon use, Astral Split is immediately cancelled and the Spirit is transferred back to the body.


Description: The White Sage assaults the mind of his target, damaging it and removing some of its mana. Targets hit by this spell will be in Discord, stunning them on the next mana reduction. Damage and mana reduction are proportional to current mana.
Duration: 6.5 (or until triggered)
Skill Type: Active, Nuke, Mana Burn, Minor Disable
Casting Range: 400
Cooldown: 6
Mana Cost: 90/110/130/150
Level 1 - 40 – 70 damage and 20 – 40 mana reduction
Level 2 - 80 – 140 damage and 40 – 80 mana reduction
Level 3 - 120 – 210 damage and 60 – 120 mana reduction
Level 4 - 160 – 280 damage and 80 – 160 mana reduction
• This ability damages the target and reduces its mana depending on Verus’ current mana.
• Additionally, Psyche Discord status is inflicted on the target. This makes the target be stunned 2 seconds after the next mana reduction (meaning only once).


Description: The White Sage's aura causes the spirit of all nearby units, enemies and allies alike, including his, to reverberate and react, causing all enemies near them to be damaged, whenever they experience mana loss.
Skill Type: Passive
AoE: 800
Level 1 - Deals 11% of mana lost
Level 2 - Deals 14% of mana lost
Level 3 - Deals 17% of mana lost
Level 4 - Deals 20% of mana lost
• Whenever a unit within an 800AoE around Verus loses mana, a percentage of the mana lost is dealt in damage to everything within a 500AoE around that enemy.
• Can be triggered by both enemies and allies.
• Damage type is pure.
• The unit who triggers this will not be damaged.
• Astral Split Spirit and Body both gets this aura. Triggers twice if in proximity of both.


Description: Allows you to convert your life to mana through Indulge and your mana to life through Rekindle, affecting everything within range. Gives Indulge and Rekindle subskills.
Skill Type: Passive, Support
AoE: 500
Level 1 - 60 to 100 conversion factor
Level 2 - 80 to 140 conversion factor
Level 3 - 120 to 200 conversion factor
• When this ability is leveled up, it allows the use of its two aspects, Indulge and Rekindle.
These two aspects have "shared cooldowns."


Description: At the cost of his mana, the White Sage heals all nearby allies and damages all nearby enemies
Skill Type: Active, Support, Nuke
Cooldown: 5 (Shared with Indulge)
Mana Cost: 60/80/120
• When used, All allies in a 500 AoE recover some life.
• Additionally, enemies within the same AoE receive damage.
• Heal and magical damage values are 100/140/200.
• This ability disables use of Indulge while it is still in cooldown.


At the cost of his life, the White Sage recovers the mana of all nearby allies and reduces the mana of all nearby enemies.
Skill Type: Active, Support
Cooldown: 5 (Shared with Rekindle)
Life Cost: 60/80/120
• When used, All allies in a 500 AoE recover some mana.
• Additionally, enemies within the same AoE experience a decline in their mana.
• Mana recovery and mana reduction values are 100/140/200.
• This ability disables use of Rekindle while it is still in cooldown.

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